KFC Owner Colonel Harland Sanders Biography & Life Story

KFC Owner Colonel Harland Sanders Biography and life story:

KFC Owner Colonel Harland Sanders (Chef):
Whenever we (chicken lovers) get thought of having food outside we definitely
remember a place with Heavenly food & Wednesday offers. Can you guess what it
might be? It is always KFC known as “Kentucky Fried Chicken” until 1931.Kentucky
Fried Chicken is actually a dish made with chicken and father of this dish was
Colonel Harland Sanders, the owner of KFC.

Colonel Harland David Sander was born on 9th September 1890 in Henryville,
Indiana. He was the oldest of three children born to Wilbur David and Margaret
Ann Sanders. The family was mostly Irish and English Ancestry. In 1895 Sanders
lost his father and the young Harland was required to look after and cook for his
siblings. By the age of seven, he was skilled with bread and vegetables and
improving with meat, the children foraged for food while their mother was away
for days at a time for work. When he was 10, Sanders began to work as a
farmhand. Sanders had a difficult relationship with his stepfather. In 1903, he
dropped out of seventh grade and went to live and work on a nearby farm. In
1920, Sanders established a ferry boat company, which operated a boat on the
Ohio River between Jeffersonville and Louisville. He bagged $22,000 profit.

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In 1930, Shell Oil Company offered him a service station for free in return he
must pay the percentage of sales. Sanders attracted the traffic in no time, but chicken
frying consumed a lot of time. Then Sanders realized that his secret recipe for
frying chicken in pressure pan cooked the chicken faster than pan frying. Sanders
started a restaurant and named it as KFC and became the owner of KFC. Sanders
popularity was grown locally and was commissioned as a Kentucky Colonel in
1935 by a governor of Kentucky. In 1939 his restaurant was destroyed in a fire
accident and Sanders had rebuilt it again with 140 seats. In 1941 US was involved
in Second World War, gas was rationed and tourism was dried up. Sanders was
forced to close his restaurant.

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KFC Owner Colonel Harland Sanders Earnings:

KFC Owner Colonel Harland Sanders BiographyIn 1952, later the Second World War Sanders started franchising his secret
recipe “Kentucky fried chicken” to a famous restaurant in Utah. The restaurant
sales had increased by 70% with that recipe, several other restaurants followed the
franchising and Sanders were paid $0.04 per chicken. The company’s rapid expansion to more than 600 locations became overwhelming for the aging Sanders.

In 1964, then 73 years old, he sold the Kentucky Fried Chicken
corporation for $2 million ($15.8 million today) to a partnership of Kentucky
businessmen headed by John Y. Brown, Jr. and Jack C. Massey. They franchised
KFC to the entire world. At present, there are nearly 20,000 branches worldwide.

In spite of being an owner of KFC Sanders remained the company’s symbol after
selling it, traveling 200,000 miles a year on the company’s behalf and filming
many TV commercials and appearances. “Colonel Harland Sanders” suffered from
Leukemia and Pneumonia and died on 16th December 1980 at the age of 90.
Before his death, Sanders donated his stock holdings to create Colonel Harland
Sanders charitable organization.

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