Lalitha Jewellery Owner Kiran Kumar’s Success Story

Lalitha Jewellery Owner Kiran Kumar’s Success Story:

Lalitha Jewellery Owner Kiran Kumar's Success Story
Lalitha jewellery

Kiran Kumar Lalitha Jewellery: Nowadays one advertisement kept us in shock one man comes and says “take a photo of your chosen jeweler and compare it with other shops, no wastage and no making charges” in T.V and we can find that person even on hoardings.”If we work hard we can achieve anything” the best exemplar for this word is Mr. KIRAN KUMAR the owner of Lalitha Jewellers. the leading jewelers in Chennai. He started a business by selling his mother’s gold.

Today he is a famous personality in two Telugu States.

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Lalitha Jewellery Owner Kiran Kumar's Success StoryKiran Kumar Jain was born in 1983 in a lower-middle-class family in Nellore. His father was a pan broker with which he struggled to make ends meet. He was not that much educated.At that time and even now Nellore is famous for handmade jewelry. So, at the age of 10 he worked under a goldsmith for daily wage and at the age of 14, he started wholesale gold busyness by selling his mothers 4(60 grams)bangles.As he was a goldsmith he melted the bangles and marked with Lalitha Jewelers and sold to the Lalitha Jewelers which was established in 1983 in Chennai.He started as a supplier and he owns a company.

His dealings were to supply gold for famous showrooms in Chennai and he is a successful exporter worldwide. Jewelry in an Indian household is more than a set of ornaments. It’s an investment for the future. It provides financial security for the entire family.In his point of view, every lady in India who purchases the ornaments forecasts whether it is useful for their daughter or not.So he introduced the 916 BIS hallmarked gold jewelry for the first time in India and he feels this as his responsibility as an elder child of every family in India.

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In 1999 Kiran Kumar took over the Lalitha Jewelers head and Now he owns nearly 11 showrooms in South India and 15 branches across the country.The places include Tirupati, Hyderabad, Vizag, and others. The turnover of Lalitha Jewelers was 11,000 crores and by 2020 their target was to reach 50000 crores. The investment of Lalitha Jewelers in Telugu states is 750 crores.

In an Interview, he was asked “without getting educated how you are so successful in business? “He replied – “sitting in classrooms never made sense to me. I struggled to pay attention to teachers and hardly understood what they are saying and even today I struggle to read entire English sentence and I still miscount a bundle of notes.

Kiran Kumar Jain Lalitha Jewelleries Awards:

1. He was the first jeweler owner in India to be awarded “Doctorate”.

2.Outstanding Young Indian Award from the Indian government.

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From 17/- Rs a bus ticket, a second-hand moped bought for 2,500/-Rs to the multi-crore Lalitha Jewellery Owner Kiran Kumar Rolls-Royce that is now parked in his garage, Kiran has come a long way. The vehicle may have changed but where is his life’s journey taking him to the next level?Life has brought him to a stage where he can afford anything but he says emotionally-” I have one regret in my life that’s the fact that my mother isn’t here to see my success. I remember her face when she handed me her jewels that day. If I want to I could build her a statue of gold but to see that she is not here.